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Our Mission & Vision

Why we came together

Communion Partners — An international movement within the Anglican Communion


We uphold Anglicanism in its classical form (as clarified by the wide coalition of orthodox Canadian Anglicans in the 1994 Montreal Declaration of Anglican Essentials).



Our Mission

To call the Anglican Church of Canada to embrace and live by its orthodox Christian heritage under the renewing guidance of The Holy Spirit.

Our Vision

To be a theological and spiritual rallying point for historic Christian orthodoxy in the Anglican Church of Canada.

The Rev. Ajit John

Letter from the Chair

Dear Friends,

I take up the position of Chair of the ACA aware of the faithful work and unstinting energy of my two immediate predecessors, the Rev. Dr. David Smith and Dr. Roseanne Kydd.  With the help of an excellent Board, they have maintained circles of support, especially for laity and clergy who can sometimes feel isolated. Both Roseanne and David organized superb conferences that fortified BIblical faith in the midst of a drifting culture. Under David’s leadership we pivoted to webinars and Zoom calls. Both Roseanne and David made sure the ACA was present at the last two General Synods to support delegates and to build connections with the whole church.

None of this would have been possible without the invaluable work of our National Director, Sharon Dewey Hetke. Most of you will know her as the one who makes all the phone calls, sets up  the Zoom calls, writes the emails and does the heavy lifting for conferences and, most importantly, for our hospitality suite at General Synod. I would not have agreed to take on the role of Chair if Sharon had not agreed to continue serving as National Director.

There is much that is exciting as we come out of this pandemic. Cross-Canada Zoom calls and Zoom gatherings for prayer have grown during the pandemic. These calls are opportunities to share our challenges and pray for one another – I’d call these “living newsletters” a great blessing. We are also looking at a series of webinars, podcasts and on-line resources that offer great encouragement to faithful Christians.

The ACA, as you know, is a voluntary organization made up largely of Anglicans who want to uphold the charism of this branch of the Church catholic. We exist to hold before the church the Scriptures carefully read, the sacraments resistant to passing fashion, and ordered prayer shaped by our books of common prayer. In all of this we depend on the power of the Holy Spirit for renewal in every generation.

I pick up the challenge of keeping us connected with our Communion Partner bishops, with the whole Anglican Communion and indeed with all churches who share in the ministry handed over to the apostles. I invite you to join us by getting involved (email us at for ways you can do that), and I ask for your continued financial support and, most importantly, for your prayers.

In Christ,

The Rev. Ajit John

Chair, Anglican Communion Alliance

The Rev. Ajit John


Sharon Dewey Hetke

National Director