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  1. Bible Reading & Study
  2. Studies based on Seasons of the Liturgical Year
  3. Sexuality & Gender Issues
  4. Parish Resources on the Holy Spirit
  5. Resources on Prayer
  6. Youth Ministry

i. Day-to-day devotionals and guides

One-to-one Bible Reading
A Habit Called Faith
  • Find a copy online: A Habit Called Faith by Jen Pollock Michel (2021 Baker Publishing Group)
  • “With vulnerable storytelling and insightful readings of both Old and New Testament passages, Jen Pollock Michel invites you into a forty-day Bible reading experience. Vividly translating ancient truths for a secular age, Michel highlights how the biblical text invites us to see, know, live, love, and obey. The daily reflection questions and weekly discussion guides invite both individuals and groups, believers and doubters alike, to explore how faith, even faith as small as a mustard seed, might grow into a life-defining habit.
Through the Bible, Through the Year
  • Find a copy online: Through the Bible, Through the Year by John Stott
  • “John (Stott) has given us 365 short commentaries with readings from the Old Testament (up to Christmas), the Gospels (up to Easter) and the rest of the New Testament (to the end of August) contained within the book.”
Living & Active: Anglicans Growing in God's Word
  • Our newest ACA resource is a series of 6 short videos, designed to encourage ordinary Anglicans to read Scripture daily. Accessible and conversational, this guide is very well suited to sharing with your parish in segments as (for example) an opening devotional at parish council, or in other informal settings. Each video ends with discussion questions.
Ten Minutes with the King
  • Find a copy online: Ten Minutes with the King (St. Peter Publications)
  • “For busy people who find lengthy Bible study difficult, this “Ten Minutes” series of books is suggested. Various New Testament books are divided into short sections, giving verse-by-verse commentary, a brief prayer for the day, and thought-provoking questions.”

ii. Understanding the Bible

The Bible Project
  • Learn more online: The Bible Project
  • “A non-Anglican resource I recommend is The Bible Project. They have various introductory courses on the Bible and hermeneutics for free online that are very well-crafted, presented, and they are so approachable. They recently offered a mobile app as well that assists you in reading the Bible through the year with commentaries and background material about the context and history of the text.” -The Rev. Orvin Lao, Toronto