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fter the recent General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada, which approved a first reading of a canon change regarding marriage, the straightforward solution for many is to leave. Some will, and it is understandable: Are there not two Anglican churches in Canada — the Anglican Church of Canada and the Anglican Network in Canada? While one is formally aligned with the Archbishop of Canterbury (in terms of historic structure) and is a member of the Anglican Communion, the other is informally aligned with Canterbury (in terms of doctrine) and formally and doctrinally aligned with the vast majority of ordinary Anglicans and the Anglican Communion’s provinces.

It may be easier to get Canterbury on the phone in the Anglican Church of Canada, but it is a much harder thing “to sing the Lord’s song” in this strange, new land.

So why do I remain? While on my worst days I can only see to the end of them (and on my good days I can see ahead about three months), for now, there are five reasons that hold me in place.