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The Word of God endures forever: Why I became a figural reader of Scripture

On Saturday, Oct. 22, ACA’s 5th webinar will feature a talk on figural reading by the Dr. Ephraim Radner.

Figural reading is a traditional way of reading scripture that sees Christ and the work of Christ in all of Scripture, both Old Testament and New Testament. Some people refer to it as seeing “types” in Scripture, or typological reading.

Dr. Radner is Professor of Historical Theology at Wycliffe College, University of Toronto. He has a doctorate in theology from Yale University.

From Wycliffe College website: Prior to his appointment as Professor of Historical Theology, the Rev. Dr. Radner was rector of the Episcopal Church of the Ascension, Pueblo, Colorado. His range of ministerial experience includes Burundi, where he worked as a missionary, Haiti, inner-city Cleveland, and Connecticut. He has taught at seminaries in Connecticut and Colorado. In the Anglican Communion context he is a member of the Covenant Design Group. He is a violinist, hiker, and traveler. He is married to the Rev. Annette Brownlee and they are the parents of Hannah and Isaac. Radner’s research and teaching interests include pneumatology, ecclesiology and ecumenism, and biblical hermeneutics. Radner is currently co-editing a volume on Anglican figural reading of the Scriptures, and working on a larger project involving Christian politics.

Thank you for your prayer for this event, and for your support for Anglican Communion Alliance.

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